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The Benefits of Student Recognition in Schools

When students are presented with only negative feedback, they refill demotivated and relax the proper inspiration for putting more effort into schoolwork. Small recognition gestures mean a lot of students especially from the parent’s part. Coming up with a system of rewards encourages students to take positive actions in the direction that will benefit them in the long run. Bribes may get a student to perform in what a parent wants them to perform at the moment, but this cannot be here the temporary solution. The main reason behind the words is to create a proper incentive to increase student performance.

At the end of the road, the words to leave the teachers and parents with the control they have two more student’s behavior. It is proven that children have the capacity to be lifelong just by being provided with an engaging curriculum which has a safe and caring community in which they are able to discover and create and also factor in a degree of choice about what their learning. Kohn warns that rewards such as punishment are unnecessary and will be ultimately destructive the child’s learning. However, there is no one particular right way of getting an award system in a school. This will make the teachers let the children know that they are seeing the good things that are in them instead of waiting for them to perform well in grades in order to reward them. Treating high achievers as kings and queens only make the low performing students to the comfortable the performance as they slowly believe that is nothing special in them.

Individual awards lead to separation and can create differences between students yet a team of the award makes every student feel special as they contribute to the overall success. This ultimately enable students from different backgrounds to feel accommodated in working the best way possible.

There are many types of rewards that can fit any parents budget and he doesn’t have to be something very costly, but little priceless things go a long way in a child’s heart. A reward doesn’t have to be institutional to be effective in a child’s performance as it can be enhanced by the environment created around the student where they feel appreciated for the little things they do. This includes various national recognition, scholarships and career services that enables your child feel special and want to give the best out of how they can perform and not necessarily having to be high achievers to be recognized.

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